Final Fantasy IV/Characters/Rosa

Rosa is the game's most notable white mage, and eventually learns every White Magic spell in the game. She specializes in spells that support fellow party members, most notably by restoring HP. Although by no means a physical powerhouse, her bows also give her the ability to inflict some damage from the back row in a fight.

Stats edit

  • Main weapons: bows
  • Other weapons: staves
  • Magic: White
  • Abilities:
    • Aim: A slightly stronger attack with bows and arrows only.
    • Pray: Casts healing on all party members for no cost, but doesn't always work. (Unavailable in the North American SNES release named Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV: Easytype)
Level Experience HP MP Str Agil Vit Wis Wil
10 (2139) 150 80 8 8 6 10 18
11 2944