Final Fantasy/Weapons/Iron Nunchaku

Weapon Type Nunchaku
Bought at Elfland
Price 200 G
Damage Bonus 16
Hit % Bonus 0

The Iron Nunchaku is a weapon consisting of two iron rods attached to each other by a short chain. The wielder holds one of the rods and attacks by swinging the other rod at his foes. Like the Wooden Nunchaku, the other type of Nunchaku, the Iron Nunchaku is a difficult weapon to learn to use properly, and so its use is limited to a small number of martial artists.

The Iron Nunchaku is the most powerful weapon (short of Masamune) available to Black Belts and Masters, but they are typically more adept at unarmed combat by the time you can obtain it.

The Iron Nunchaku may be used by: