Final Fantasy/Locations/Elfland

Elfland is a secluded and hidden realm. It is home to the Elves and ruled by the benevolent Prince of Elfland. As far as any human is able to discern, the city has no logical layout. Paths branch off at random intervals, and not all paths lead to anything at all. There is a castle in Elfland, but the city is not protected by walls of any sort. Instead, the elves depend on the surrounding forest for protection.

Like most major cities, Elfland has an Inn and a Healer. In addition, the elves have established numerous shops, including a Weapon Shop that sells the powerful Silver Sword among its other wares, an Armor Shop stocked with magical Copper Bracelets, and an Item Shop that sells Houses. Being mystical creatures, the elves operate not only one but two of each Black Mystics and White Mystics for a total of four spell vendors. There is also a graveyard deep in the woods of Elfland.

The Mystic Key to the Treasury of Coneria is hidden in the castle of Elfland for safekeeping. The Prince holds the Key, but has been asleep for five years after being cursed by the evil Dark Elf Astos. No one has seen where Astos went after attacking the castle and raiding the treasury, stealing everything that was not protected by locks that can only be opened by the Mystic Key. He is said to be in disguise somewhere nearby. Some speculate that he may have something to do with the spooky Northwest Castle. Regardless of Astos's current location, if the Prince does not awaken soon, the dark elves will be able to conquer Elfland. The wise elves attending the Prince say that the only thing that can waken him is the Herb. Rumor has it that Matoya is able to prepare the Herb.

Final Fantasy Origins: Elfheim