Final Fantasy/Locations/Pravoka

Pravoka is a port city on the southern continent. It is located to the east of Coneria and Melmond. Elfland is to the southwest, and Crescent Lake lies directly south. Matoya lives in her Matoya's Cave to the northwest. The city of Pravoka itself is situated on an isthmus that separates the northern and Conerian peninsulas from the large landmass that contains the mountains and rivers of the Gurgu range. To the west is a protected harbor that serves as Pravoka's port. There are no ports further north than Pravoka.

Pravoka is a busy city. Internally, the city is split in two by its main road, which runs north to south. The road leads directly to an Inn with a small garden in front. On the east side, there is a Healer, Weapon Shop, and both Black and White Mystics. The west side of the city holds the Armor Shops and Item Shops. Residential buildings crowd the entire city, except the northwest corner dominated by one large mansion.

Bikke used this mansion as his base when he and his gang of pirates invaded Pravoka. This was a difficult time in the city's normally peaceful history, as Bikke levied high "taxes" in the form of robbery whenever a citizen ventured outside his home. The Light Warriors liberated Pravoka and took Bikke's ship, restoring peace and prosperity to the town.

A refugee from Melmond claims that he escaped from his home because of the rotting of the earth there. There are also people in Pravoka who have heard of a curse afflicting the Prince of Elfland.

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