Field Repairs of Tractors and Trailers for the Driver/Printable version

Field Repairs of Tractors and Trailers for the Driver

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Tools & Other Items to Keep On Board

Tools Edit

Basic Tools Edit

  • Vise grips: use for problem sliders
  • Bungee cords
  • Crowbar
  • Torx drive set
  • Large channel lock pliers
  • Framing hammer
  • 2-Adj. Wrenches (10")
  • Mechanic's wire
  • Test light
  • Electrical pliers
  • Magnetic Multi-screw/nut driver kit.
  • Utility knife
  • Needle nose pliers

More Tools Edit

  • Soldering iron, portable.
  • Flash light, artificial light sources needed when your power is out or it is dark.
  • MultiTool, I like the Gerber tools that flick out with one hand and deploy a plier. This allows deployment when holding work or hanging on someplace. The better choices have scissors and wire crimpers.

Supplies Edit

Basic Supplies Edit

  • Duct tape: so many repair uses.
  • Electrical tape: cover up wire splices.
  • Spare glad hand rubbers.
  • Plumbers epoxy
  • Electrical connectors
  • Zip ties
  • Gallon of coolant/oil
  • WD-40 oil
  • 4-Adj hose clamps(2-sm/2-lg)
  • Tube of silicone
  • Anti-gel fuel additive
  • Spare Primary and Secondary fuel filters

More Supplies Edit

  • Spare lights.
  • Spare fuses of each type used in vehicle (required by law in some countries).
  • Electrical connectors:
    • Butt connectors.
    • Three-way splice connectors.
    • Male and female disconnect connectors: to make it possible to easily add and remove items like a CB radio.


Vocabulary Edit

Words italicized in the text can be found defined here in the vocabulary.

Bitter end
The loose end of a rope, line or similar item that can be manipulated
Standing end
The end that is attached of a rope, line or similar item