Fedena/Human Resources

Add Employee Category edit

Fedena allows you to distinguish between teaching staff and non-teaching staff by assigning staff to categories. Choose Human Resource | Settings | Add Employee Category and create the various employee categories. For our palyschool we will create just two categories "Teaching" and "Non Teaching Staff".

Add Employee Position edit

As an educational institution you are most likely to have different career progression paths for teaching and non teaching staff. Teaching staff might progress from being a "Lecturer", "Reader", "Professor" etc while a non teaching staff might progress from a "Clerk" to being an "Accountant". While this is just an illustration you can always create additional career progress milestones as employee positions. In case of our playschool lets create the "Teacher" and "Senior Teacher" for the teaching staff and "Clerk" and "Accountant" for the non teaching staff.

Add Employee Department edit

As an educational institution you might have various departments. Engineering colleges have "Electrical Sciences", "Mechanical Science" etc. Additionally institutions have departments like library, accounts etc. You can create as many different departments as you wish. For our play school we will create two departments: Teaching and Accounts

Add Employee Grade edit

In most institutions the employee grade is different from a position or role. So a teacher can be a reader but can temporarily be the head of the department till an incumbent is filled in. The salary is usually tied to the grade. For our play school we will create two grades Grade 1 and Grade 2. You can also assign the maximum number of hours that a grade should work/teach.

Add Payroll Category edit

Payroll categories are heads under which the emoluments are paid out to the staff. Usually there are earnings and deductions in each month. Earning include Basic and Dearness Allowance (10% of Basic) while deductions include Provident Fund (12% of Basic) , Professional Tax and Income Tax. For our playschool lets create all these heads.

Add Bank Details edit

Create your bankers name.

Add Additional Details edit

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