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About this bookEdit

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Fedena is a free and opensource school management web application. This wikibook will be a user guide and manual for the new as well as experienced users of Fedena.


Contributors to this book
Initial remarks
How to download and install Fedena
Getting Started
Initial settings
Courses and Batches
Important concept of courses and batches
Basic and Advanced settings
Student Admission
Add and manage students
Student Search
Basic and advanced search of students
Human Resources
Add and manage employees
Time Table
Generate and publish timetable
News Management
Create and manage school/campus news
Event Management
Create and manage events
Student Attendance
Enter and manage student attendance
Create and manage examinations. Publish results
User Management
Create and manage users and set privileges of each user
Detailed instruction on using finance module.
Employee Login
Login and dashboard of employees
Student and Parent Login
Login and dashboard of students and parents
Other Features
Advanced and special features
Some frequently asked questions
Other Resources
Documentation sources for Fedena