False Friends of the Slavist/Kashubian-Croatian

Kaszëbsczi jãzëk — Hrvatski jezik

Ka. lëst
1. list ‘leaf’
2. pismo ‘letter’
Cr. list 1. lëst ‘leaf’
2. cedélk ‘sheet of paper’
Ka. pôłnié
1. podne ‘noon’
2. jug ‘south’
Cr. podne Ka. pôłnié ‘noon’
Ka. rujan
Cr. listopad ‘October’
Cr. rujan Ka. séwnik, zeptember ‘September’
Ka. stolëca
Cr. glavni grad ‘capital’
Cr. stolica Ka. stółk ‘chair’
Ka. strona
Cr. strana ‘side’
Cr. strana 1. strona ‘side’
2. starna ‘page’
Ka. w prawo
Cr. desno ‘to the right’
Cr. pravo Ka. prost, na prost, za prost ‘straight on’

For additional information on false friends, see the On-line hypertext bibliography by Daniel Bunčić and Ryszard Lipczuk.

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