FOSS Localization/Resources and Tools


Ankur - Supporting Bangla (Bengali) on GNU/Linux.
Bangla Innovation Through Open Source.
Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance.
Bangladesh Linux User Group.


Resources on Khmer font in Unicode.
Khmer Unicode Windows.
Khmer Open Source.


Linux China.
GNU China.
Red Flag Linux.
China Linux Forum.
Free Software.
Linux Home.
China software.
Xteam Software.
TurboLinux China.


Linux India.
Free Software Foundation of India.
Linux Localization Team, National Centre for Software Technology.
OpenOffice localization project for Hindi.
Indian localization projects.


Indonesian Open Source Contributor Group.
Indonesian Open Source Community.
Open Source Indonesia.
Gnome Indonesia.

Lao PDREdit

Lao Unicode and related resources.
Various documents on Lao
fonts, encoding schemes, and locales.
Lao KDE localization project.
OpenOffice Lao version project.


Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team\
FOSS Myanmar
Linux Project.
Myanmar Linux User Groups.
Myanmar Language Support Project.


Malaysia Open Source.
KDE Malaysia.
OpenOffice Malaysia.


Open Source Initiative.


FOSS Nepal Community
Open Technology Research Center


Linux Pakistan.


Philippines Linux User Group.
Open Source Foundation.
Linux Localization Project.
Government Open Source Initiatives.
Open Source Centre.

Sri LankaEdit

Lanka Linux User Group.
Lanka Open Source Foundation.
Tamil Linux.


Thai Linux Working Group.
Thai Open Source Network.
Linux TLE, OfficeTLE.
Pladao Office.
Thailand's IT standards.
Thai Open Source Federation.
Thai Open Source portal.
OpenOffice Thai Project.

Viet NamEdit

Linux Viet Nam.
Linux Forum.
Ho Chi Minh Linux User Group.
Vietnamese KDE Localization Project.
Vietnamese Gnome Localization Project.
Chuong T.L., Ministry of Science & Technology, Minh H.T., CMC Co Ltd.
Linux User Groups in Viet Nam.
ISOC - Internet Society Viet Nam.
Linux Viet Nam - VietKey Group.

Localization Information Portals and ToolsEdit

Microsoft's global development portal.
A portal with information, software and links on translation.
News, tools, processes for global software
KDE and GNOME and


The official Web site of the Unicode Consortium.
A Unicode resources website with links to variety of useful tools and utilities e.g. Unicode fonts, shareware, etc.
An introduction to Unicode with many useful links.
Internationalization standards and tools.
Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).
This site is dedicated to the tools and technologies used in the localization of software, online help and documentation.
The International Standards Organization (ISO).