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Embedded Systems/Common Protocols

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This is a list of common protocols used in embedded systems. Eventually, this list will become hyperlinks to sources of information on each. Many of them are byte-stream protocols that can be transmitted by a variety of serial protocols on a variety of hardware.

  • Perhaps the simplest-to-parse variable-size packet container format is the netstring format.w:netstring
  • JSON (perhaps encapsulated in packets of one of the above formats) seems to be gaining popularity as a way to transmit complex data structures, in a way that is easy for humans to read and debug.[2] w:JSON

Further readingEdit

If you are designing a new protocol because none of these meet your needs (which are what, exactly?), you may want to consider the w:Network protocol design principles, some Serial Programming/Forming Data Packets tips, ponder Communication Systems and Data Coding Theory, select one of the Serial Programming/Error Correction Methods, and post rough drafts to the PICA standards wiki for expert review.

Typically an embedded system has one "main" CPU and a bunch of peripheral devices. Is there a way for the main CPU to automatically find out how many peripheral devices are currently connected, and the unique ID of each device? Yes, several ways -- some of them are listed on a page at the Electronics and Robotics site.

  • "Networking, Protocols, and Devices" forum[3]