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Hi and welcome to wikibooks. I noticed you started a book on electronics and just wanted to point out that i have already written a very basic introduction to electronics in the GCSE science book. Take a look at Circuits (GCSE science) and the pages that follow - you may find it easier to visit Electricity (GCSE science) and navigate from there. Feel free to copy anything you want including any of the diagrams. (click on a diagram and it will take you to a description page titles image:image_name.png, copy the title of the description page into the page you want and put double square brackets around it like this File:Image name.png. Preview and you should see the image appear on the page. Theresa knott 12:54, 17 Mar 2004 (UTC)


Do we need any permission to use content from Wikipedia?

No. Anything from Wikipedia is copyleft, and can be used as long as the same freedoms are provided. However, you must comply with the site license which includes providing attribution. This is usually done by requesting a history import at Wikibooks:RFI.

I'm guessing this includes images.

No it does not include images. Images hosted on Wikipedia may be subject to copyright and used under fair use criteria that do not necessarily apply here.

Electronics textbookEdit

Anyone want to look at this license to see if we can use the electronics book? [1]


"The web page is written in HTML and Javascript. Because of that the source code is wide open and available to all. Radio amateurs are encourged to take the code, modify it, and create something even more useful to the ham community. The way the web page operates does not have to be limited to schematics. It could be extended to other uses such as printed circuit board layout."

"These things imply that it's ideal for amateur radio. It can be shared all over the world, which is where hams are. It can be used with diverse equipment, which hams have. It it can be modified, which hams love to do. And hams need simple, albiet clunky, schematics.

So, Klunky is my gift to amateur radio. If some ham, somewhere, can get some use out of it, he's welcome to it."

I am sure he wouldn't mind if we use it. He says the code is open. I have written him to ask specifically, but he hasn't responded.