The author acknowledges her debt of gratitude to the following:

  • Mr. Tom Parks, ICT Program Officer of The Asia Foundation; Dr. Clay Wescott, Senior Public Administration Specialist of the Asian Development Bank; and Mr. Khoong Chan Meng, Managing Principal (Management Consulting for e-Government) of Atos Origin (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., for reviewing this primer and providing invaluable and critical insight.
  • Boying Lallana, for getting me started.
  • Rudy, Joey, Edwin, Zorah, and Pat, for their diligence and patience. Managing this project with you as my teammates has made my life easier.
  • Bi Tinio, for helping me escape when I needed it most.
  • Katch, for her invaluable assistance in helping me run the day-to-day activities of Digital Philippines.
  • Joe & Ary Pascual, for teaching me excellence.