A World of Fantasy

As the hero destined to fight for the people of Alefgard, you are cast in a role which is set in an exciting but deadly universe. Role-playing games like Dragon Quest provide a setting in which your character must develop from a novice to a master, gaining knowledge, solving puzzles, and mastering the arts of sorcery and swordplay. There is no one correct way to play the game, but there are strategies that will serve you well as you seek clues to the mysteries of Alefgard. Take care that you do not become lost in this strange new world.


  • D-Pad: Direct your character through the world, in towns, and in dungeons. Also used to navigate and choose selections on any menu.
  • A: Bring up the menu or accept a menu option.
  • B: Close the menu or return to the previous menu.
  • Start: Pause.



Condition window


If you stand still momentarily, the Condition Window pops up on the left side of the Game Screen. In this window you will find your current condition listed for the following:

LV Level Shows which level you have currently reached.
HP Hit Points Your HP indicates how much damage you can withstand.
MP Magic Points Shows how much MP you have with which to cast spells.
G Gold The amount of Gold you are carrying at the moment.
E Experience The cumulative total of experience you've earned.

Watch your Hit Points carefully. The HP indicates how much damage you can take. The Level rises with increases in Experience.

Command window


By pressing the A button, both the Command Window and the Condition Window open up. The Command Window and its options are used to perform actions. Within the Command Window are most of the commands you will use during the game. It is here that you choose to speak to a man in a shop, open a door, search an area, or view your status.

Talk Listening to the people of Alefgard will help you learn the secrets of success. The Talk command allows you to speak to anyone if you are facing them directly. Remember their words and use them to solve riddles.
Status If you choose Status from your Command Window, the Status Window will appear on the right side of the game screen. Status lists your Strength, Agility, Weapons, and other valuable information.
Stairs To walk up or down a set of stairs you must first select the Stairs option from the Command Window. Having chosen this option, you will use the stairs, which will take you to another level of the castle or dungeon.
Search Hidden in secret places about Alefgard are items that will greatly aid you in your quest. By choosing Search, you will be able to search the section of ground on which you are currently standing.
Spell The magic spells you learn throughout the game can be used when you activate the Spell command. Once selected, a list of Spells will appear in a window on the right side of the game screen. Some spells can only be used in battle.
Item When you want to see your list of items, choose the Item option and a window will appear showing all the items you have collected. Used items are removed from the list.
Door In the towns, castles, and labyrinths you find many doors that bar your way. Only the use of a magical key will open them. Once you have found a shop that sells keys, go to a locked door and select Door.
Take The Take command allows you to claim an item that you discover such as the contents of a Treasure Chest. Beware of certain items that you may not want to take.

Note: In the Dragon Warrior I & II release, Stairs and Take are removed from the Command Window. Your character will automatically use the stairs when he steps on them. Your character will automatically take the contents of a chest when he searches the chest at his feet. Additionally, choosing Status will open a sub-window that allows you a further choice between Equip and Status. Choosing Status brings up the Status Window as before, but choosing Equip allows you to equip and unequip armor and weapons, which you are not permitted to do in the Nintendo Entertainment System version (where the items you buy are automatically equipped, replacing the item you previously wore).

Battle screen


While hiking about Alefgard or stealing through the many dark caverns, from time to time you will encounter an enemy. Suddenly the monster is facing you and the Battle Screen will pop up. At this point you have four choices; you can Fight, Run, use a Spell, or use an Item. When choosing a course of action, you should take into account your HP and the strength of the enemy.

Fight Select Fight if you want to attack the enemy. If you do not defeat the monster in your first onslaught, you will be asked to choose another command. Either continue the battle or run.
Spell The magical spell of Hurt and Hurtmore can be used to inflict a great deal of damage on the enemy. Heal and Healmore should be used when you are running low on HP. Knowing when to use Sleep and Stopspell is also vital.
Run Instead of attacking an opponent you may choose the Run option and take to your heels. Remember that you may be blocked by the enemy and you may have to fight anyway.
Item The final option during a battle is to use an item. When you select Item from the Battle Screen, a list of your current items will appear. During a battle, the only item that will help is the Medicinal Herb, which is used to boost your HP. It's a good idea to carry a few Herbs when you travel.

Status window


The status of your Strength, Agility, and other characteristics appear when you activate the Status Screen. The numbers increase as you defeat monsters, gain experience points and raise your overall level.

The type of weapon, armor and shield that you carry will affect your Attack Power and Defense Power. The Copper Sword, for instance, will give you an Attack Power higher than the Club.

Strength Your overall strength rating will increase as your level rises. This number influences your Attack Power too.
Agility Agility measures your ability to run away from enemies quickly and to avoid enemies while traveling. This number influences your Defense Power as well.
Maximum HP & MP Each time your level goes up, your maximum HP and MP also increase.
Attack Power Attack Power determines the strength of your attack against enemies. It increases at higher levels and when you obtain better weapons.
Defense Power Defense Power is your ability to withstand the attacks of monsters. As your level rises, so too will your Defense Power, but the fastest way to increase this power is to purchase armor and shields, or to find special items like Erdrick's Armor.