A strong arm and quick thinking alone are not enough to achieve your goal of freeing Alefgard. Since the beginning of time, Magic has been a force in this land, shaping its history and the beings who dwell here. As you gain experience and reach particular levels and achievement, you will learn new spells that will help you succeed in your perilous quests.

File:DW1 Snap NewSpell.png

At preselected levels you will learn a new spell. The first spell, Heal, is learned as you rise from level two to level three. Each time you cast a spell your Magic Points (MP) will be reduced by a set amount. The charts below show both how many MP a spell costs and at which level you learn it.

Illustration Spell MP Type & target Effect Lv.
File:DW1 Spell Heal.png Heal 4 Heal hero Your first spell is one of the most useful. If your HP is low, chant the Heal Spell to raise your HP by 10~17 points. 3
File:DW1 Spell Hurt.png Hurt 2 Attack enemy Hurl magic fire balls at the enemy with Hurt. You can go far with this spell, damaging enemies for 8~12 HP. 4
File:DW1 Spell Sleep.png Sleep 2 Disable enemy Sleep is used during a battle to put the enemy to sleep. It doesn't always work. 7
File:DW1 Spell Light.png Radiant 3 Field Did you forget to bring a torch into the cave? If you have Radiant, it doesn't matter. 9
File:DW1 Spell Stopspell.png StopSpell 2 Disable enemy When you encounter an enemy who uses magic, cast this spell to protect yourself. Very few monsters resist this spell! 10
File:DW1 Spell Outside.png Outside 6 Field Deep in the underground caves and dungeons lurk terrible creatures. Escape from these places by chanting Outside. 12
File:DW1 Spell Return.png Return 8 Field Return whisks you back to Tantegel Castle from anywhere in the overworld of Alefgard. 13
File:DW1 Spell Repel.png Repel 2 Field Like sprinkling Fairy Water, Repel keeps monsters at a healthy distance when you are in the countryside. The effect lasts for 127 steps. 15
File:DW1 Spell Healmore.png HealMore 10 Heal hero More potent than Heal, Healmore restores 85~100 HP each time you chant it. 17
File:DW1 Spell Hurtmore.png Hurtmore 5 Attack enemy More devastating than Hurt; with Hurtmore you can challenge even the strongest enemies. Deals 58~65 damage. 19