Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest/Levels/Mainbrace Mayhem

When you head right, you may see a right arrow pointing towards a net. The net contains bananas, but you require using a long jump to reach it (using Dixie Kong). Head across the net, and jump further to the right for a Bonus Barrel.

Jump up and to the right, and climb the first rope. You should see the letter K there. Head left, until you reach a rope ladder, where you see a banana token guarded by a climbing enemy. To hit this enemy, you need to jump off the side of the cargo net, and move to the left after the jump to land on top of him.

The letter O should be visible before you reach the halfway barrel.

Left of the halfway barrel is a series of eight rats, which are easily killed. If you did get injured, there is also a DK barrel to revive your companion.

Secret 1-up: jump here

Climb up the rope, and reach the top, where you see a horizontal rope. When you are at the mast, jump to be launched to a platform containing a 1-up balloon. Return and continue to the right, and look for the letter N on the far right of that level before continuing up.

When you see a cannonball, pick it up, and carry it to the left. Place it in the cannon to enter a minigame to defeat five rope climbers within a time limit for a Krool token.