Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Winky's Walkway

  • Enemies: Kritter, Necky, Gnawty Oil Drum, Zinger
  • Bonus Rooms: 1
  • Animal Helpers: Winky (implied in the level name)
  • Animal Tokens: Expresso
  • Extra Lives: 0
  • Level Warp: Yes
  • Hidden Cameras: 0
  • Music: Life in the Mines

Walkthrough edit

The letter K is located a few steps to the right, reached by a simple jump. The DK barrel is right after it. Eventually, the walkway stops in front of a Necky. Use it as a springboard to cross the gap. Continue advancing, and you should encounter two Neckys guarding a Winky prisoner crate, which can be reached by a jump attack on one of the two birds. With winky, proceed right, using a jump to collect the letter O. A few platforms later, you can break the checkpoint barrel.

After the checkpoint, you will find a barrel creating Gnawtys before another gap. If you didn't bring Winky with you, you can reach the other side by a rolling jump. After this jump, you will see a Necky on a simple patrol under a blast barrel. Jump on Necky to reach this barrel, to enter a small bonus room containing the letter N, which will drop you behind a black drum spawning Gnawties (not too far, and you didn't miss anything important).

Continue to the right. You should come across an Expresso Token being circled by a Zinger, and you can't obtain it without Winky. Continue right, wait for the Necky to be high up, and stomp it to get the letter G. From here, you shouldn't be too far away from the exit, but will have to pass by another black drum spawning Gnawties.