Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Reptile Rumble

  • Enemies: Slippa, Bouncing Kritter, Zinger
  • Bonus Rooms: 3
  • Animal Helpers: None
  • Animal Tokens: Enguarde
  • Difficulty: 1/10
  • Extra Lives: 1
  • Level Warp: Yes
  • Photographs: 1
  • Music: Cave Dweller Concert

Starting at a cave, throw the DK barrel at the Slippa. Move on and avoid the two Hopping Kritters that appear. Use a barrel to get through the bonus room right after the Kritters. Move in is the obvious next thing to do. Crawl under the low ceiling and jump up in the middle and grab the balloon. Crawl under the other and leave. You will be shot far to jump on a Kritter at the beginning of the end of the bonus room. Bounce on the tire and jump onto the top of the hill. Jump in the barrel for the next bonus room. Jump into the first barrel to be shot all over the place gaining bananas. Soon after the commotion, you will be shot to the end. Move through the cave and you'll appear where you were. Jump on the tire to kill the Hopping Kritters. Hop on the next tire and jump over the elevator-ish Zinger. Hop on the next next tire over the second one.

Crawl under the ceiling quickly, as two Slippas are about to get you! Hop on the tire to the Star Barrel. Use the pair of tires to jump over the invincibee (red Zinger). Jump on the tires again. Jump on the next tire for a DK Barrel at the top of a mountain, and a normal barrel. Hop down on the Slippas. Throw the barrel at Tiny Wall on the left. Enter the final bonus room and bounce on the tires for the bananas. Don't worry, you won't die if you fall. Reappearing where you are after exiting the bonus room, move on. Jump over the Zinger and crawl under the ceiling. Watch out, as the Soon or Later Hopping Kritters have gotten through the ceiling hole a number of times. Eventually they walk under and start jumping. Time a jump on one of the SoLHK to grab the Enguarde token. Crawl under the ceiling, jump on the Slippas, and kill the Hopping Kritters with the tires on the stairs.

Photograph location (GBA only) edit

Jump on three Slippas in a row.