Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Jungle Hijinxs

  • Enemies: Gnawty, Klump, Kritter, Necky
  • Bonus Rooms: 2
  • Animal Helpers: Rambi
  • Animal Tokens: Expresso
  • Difficulty: 1/10
  • Extra Lives: 8
  • Level Warp: Yes (only in Game Boy Advance version)
  • Hidden Cameras: 5
  • Music: DK Island Theme (Begins at Part 1)



When you start the level, you start out as Donkey Kong who blasts out of his treehouse and onto the ground. Use Donkey Kong's rolling jump ability to get over large gaps where two red balloons and a single green balloon. You must now control Donkey to pass two Klumps which makes him reach the Star Barrel. Next, there is a vulture called Necky who heaves out nuts at your character. Below it is the Expresso Token. Just a little bit farther is Rambi. Jump on him and just keep going forward past three Gnawties until your character reaches a small wall. Crash into it to find the first bonus area. Inside is a bunch of bananas and the sixth Extra Life Balloon. When your character leaves the bonus area, instead of going forward, drop down behind the tree and run into the wall on the right side. This gets you to the second bonus area. In this bonus area, you have to match up the tokens. It is recommended to get the Expresso token as you might have already collected one. After this bonus, just keep going forward while jumping over a ledge until your character(s) reach the end of the level. For the last three lives, jump on top of the cave located at the end of the level. Jump again, but straight up. Your character then gains three lives from the blue balloon you find. Then, Ropey Rampage is allowed to be accessed.

Bonus Rooms

  • Shortly after the Rambi crate, ram into a sensitive wall to access a Bonus Level. You need Rambi to do this.
  • After the letter G, there is another sensitive wall to break with Rambi. In the Super Nintendo version it is in the left-side of the ledge; in the Game Boy Advance version it is on the right.

Extra Life Balloons

  • Inside the treehouse (only once per file in the Game Boy Advance version).
  • Two red balloons and one green balloons are on top of treetops at the start of the level.
  • Inside the first bonus level cave is a red balloon.
  • There is one blue balloon above the level exit. It is required to jump straight up in order to obtain this balloon.

Warp Barrel Location


After you begin the level and land on the ground, jump two times to land on the second notch to the left. Then jump onto the pair of trees and jump to the next treetop. Then, instead of going down to the ground, as the arrow shows, roll and jump to the next treetop. Go slightly right and fall off the tree and you will land in the warp barrel.

Hidden Cameras

  • Inside DK's Hut, behind the giant bananas in the left-side corner.
  • In the middle of the level's first Bonus Room.
  • Hand-Slap one of the Klumps before the Star Barrel.
  • Jump on three Gnawties in a row.
  • Jump on three Kritters in a row.