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Manoj Kumar, Country Director of Concern Worldwide, an International NGO .

Introduction to Sierra Leone

The interview was taken on December 2010 at N 2 River, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone

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What is Concern and what is the role of International NGOs in international development cooperation?

Manoj Kumar - Our prime partners are the communities themselves

Concern empowers people to overcome poverty by helping them to produce more food, get access to a reliable food supply, reduce their vulnerability to droughts, improve their access to water and generate more income to spend on their children’s education and health care.

Manoj Kumar - NGO role and challenges

Its aim is to ensure access to quality education for the poorest and most marginalized people.

Manoj Kumar - - The factors creating poverty

Our prime partners are the communities themselves. The entire focus of Concern is build capacities of the most vulnerable communities

What is the learning that your gained while working on the ground ?

Manoj Kumar - Donors need to understand that to bring about sustainable development takes time

Sometimes the donors should be more flexible, because the contest in Sierra Leon is a very dynamic contest and they should respect the local contest and the local reality. Donors also need to give a sufficient time to aloud the community processes, to bring the changes which are long lasting and not just a quick change and when the donors support ended those changes collapse.

Manoj Kumar - The issue of collecting and sharing knowledge amongst development agencies

There is a lot of learning from the work of different organizations, NGO, donors, even agencies, but there is very less of sharing those learning. Very often you find the agencies reinventing the wills. There is some coordination, but is not very effective, it don’t goes beyond sharing those key learning and complementing each other to improve program quality, to improve the life of the people

Manoj Kumar - Why Sierra Leone is categorised as one of the least developed Nations in the world

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