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Introduction to Sierra Leone

Francesco Brancatella of TG11 (Italian television) and Stefano De Santis (The Eugad project) meet a group of journalists from Sierra Leone. They decide to interview each other and discuss about the obstacle of reciprocal understanding.

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Debate among Sierra Leonian and Italian journalists
Local Radio station, Kono, Sierra Leone
December 2010

Come superare lo stereotipo delle paure occidentali ed essere vero - Francesco Brancatella
Perche' i media occidentali danno una immagine cosi' negativa della realta' africana? - Francesco Brancatella
Stefano at the Kono Radio - I was surprised by the European lack of will to learn from others
Less affluence and less technology does not mean a lower cultural standard nor a life less worthy
Our way of implementing democracy is different from yours, because we have to function in a different context
We value differently, but the Western judgments are stereotyped and Western media is unable to appreciate the difference