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Vietnamese occupation of Kampuchea Krom (south Vietnam) must be stopped to free the suffering Khmer Krom. The victims of this cruel act are the Khmer Krom people who are the indigenous people of the Mekong Delta region. I am one of the Khmer Krom individuals. The State of Vietnam has been violating Khmer Krom's rights far too long and decapitating Khmer Krom's society to the core. Kampuchea Krom's capital is Prey Nokor (former Saigon and today HCM city). We, Khmer Krom, seek justice and the respect of our fundamental rights. Currently Khmer Krom lack all means in everyday life: cannot study our own language, cannot learn about our history, cannot express opinion or speak freely, cannot move around freely, cannot form any institution such as local community or school, cannot conduct or practice our beliefs and religion freely, cannot represent ourselves in governments(locally, provincially, or nationally), cannot participate in law-making process, and most important of all--Khmer Krom are poorest of the poor in the region. This is no exaggeration, but facts.