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Green Leaf Detoxifier
Category Beverage recipes
Servings 2
Time 10 minutes

This blend of green leaf vegetables is reported to help pull toxic metals out of the body[citation needed]. The original recipe didn't have the ginger and was too bitter tasting. Increasing the citrus taste from the pineapple and the lime helps make the green juice more palatable. The ginger adds an additional layer of complexity.



Juice extractor. Knife to peel and cut fruit. Cutting board.


  1. Squeeze the juice from 3 limes into the container where the juice extractor dispenses the juice
  2. Cut the pineapple, removing the outer spiny flesh, the top, the bottom and the pithy core
  3. Cut the pineapple into long thin strips that can be easily inserted into the juice extractor
  4. Run the pineapple through the juice extractor
  5. Tear the greens into smaller pieces that can be put into the juice extractor easily
  6. Run the greens through the juice extractor
  7. Run the cilantro through the juice extractor
  8. Run the ginger root through the juice extractor
  9. Serve the green juice over ice (makes about 2 cups)

Notes, tips, and variationsEdit

  • kale can be used instead of chard or collard greens, but it is more bitter
  • measurements are listed as exact but precise measuring is not needed

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