Wikify edit

Wikify is a program written by Josh Ferguson specifically designed to turn a standard text file into a html/wiki format. It is being used to do the color syntax highlighting for the C++ code in the C++ section of this textbook.

Author's Statement: Wikify can not yet wikify itself, due to the fact that it has html codes in it, which confuses itself. I plan to rewrite it soon so it can wikify itself. Right now though, it works good with simple code. And it can be modified to work with other languages by changing the variables in it. Later on I'll probably move all the important variables into text files so it will be more easy to change things for other languages (i.e. by changing the text files, or extension checks), etc...

The code was written really fast, so the code isn't perfect, even though the author stubbornly maintains that it is close.

Code Snapshot as of 7-22-03

The escape sequences in the code give the wikiscript problems, so here is a link to it. Click on it, and it will take you to a page, where you can click on it, and it will come up.

This should be compilable by any standard C++ compiler.