Common Lisp/External libraries/McCLIM

McCLIM is an open source, free software implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager specification (CLIM), licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). CLIM is a powerful toolkit for writing GUIs in Common Lisp.

CLIM is a very complicated specification, as evidenced by the ~100 pages dedicated to the McCLIM manual, which is still a work in progress, and a build time of the better part of an hour. Keep in mind that this system is by far the largest library we have encountered. However, for all of its size and intricacies, it is extremely flexible.

A “Hello World” Application edit

CLOS and CLIM edit

Types of Widgets edit

CLIM Applications edit

There are several CLIM applications available.

  • Climacs - An Emacs like editor
  • Beirc - An IRC client
  • GSharp - A program for writing musical scores
  • Closure - A web browser

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