College Survival Guide

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College Survival Guide

This wikibook is aimed toward those who are in or new to college. The objective of this wikibook is to lift the fog of the various misunderstandings of college: Credits, courses, assignments, studying, and more. The book should prepare the student for some worst case scenarios and help prevent the student from encountering such foibles in the first place.

The various tools listed and offered can help students cut down trees, thus save time. They can help students prepare equipment to take on the camping trip and go up the mountain of enlightenment. The focus of this book is to help a student out of the forest of the darkness and into the light of knowledge and learning, for college is about learning; and it should be a great experience of learning.

The content in this book is somewhat slanted toward U.S. students; however, many of the things listed can be applied different colleges and universities.


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