Chinese Tractor Maintenance/Jinma 304 354

Specifications edit

Tire Pressure edit

  • Front 32 - 36 psi
  • Rear (field) 11.6 - 17.4 psi
  • Rear (road) 17.4 - 20.3 psi

Operation edit

(Starting, Break-in, Normal Operation, Operating Limits)

Fluid Capacities edit

(Engine oil, coolant, differential, power steering, hydraulic system)

Engine Oil:             Capacity 1.58gal or 6.3  qts (6   ltr)
Coolant:                Capacity 1.85gal or 7.4  qts (7   ltr)
Transmission:           Capacity 4.75gal or 19.0 qts (18  ltr)
Front Axle(4x4)         Capacity 1.75gal or 7    qts (6.6 ltr)
Hydraulic:/Cat(1 Hitch) Capacity 2.12gal or 8.7  qts (8.2 ltr)
Fuel Tank:              Capacity 8.0gal              (30  ltr)

Maintenance Schedule edit

(pre-startup,50,100,...hour maintenance

Engine edit

The model JM354 uses the TY395 engine Chinese Tractor Maintenance/TY395 European approved model uses the Laidong 4L22T engine (2.156 Liter displacement)

Drive Train edit

Transmission edit

the website owner is too lazy to update their content

search google for a site that is UP TO DATE at

Shuttle Shift edit

Creeper edit

Clutch edit

4x4 Axle edit

Rear Axle edit

PTO edit

Brake System edit

Fuel System edit

Engine Speed Control edit

Fuel Cutoff edit

Fuel Tank edit

Injection Pump edit

Fuel Filter edit

CX 70100 or Car Quest 86358

Cooling System edit

Coolant Pump edit

engine cooling thermostad open at 62 degree celsius

Radiator edit

Thermostat edit

Coolant Temperature Sensor edit

Steering edit

Power Steering Pump edit

Power Steering Cylinder edit

Steering Gear edit

Starting System edit

Starting Switch edit

Battery edit

Starter edit

Solenoid edit

Starter Engagement System edit

Safety Interlocks edit

Charging System edit

Alternator edit

Voltage Regulator edit

Lighting System edit

Headlamps edit

Taillamps edit

Directional Indicators and Emergency Flashers edit

Accessory Connector edit

Electrical Gauges edit

Panel edit

Panel Lighting edit

Wiring Harness edit

Electrical Connectors edit

Wiring Diagrams edit

Hydraulics edit

Hydraulic Pump edit

3 Point Hitch edit

Remotes edit

Trouble Shooting edit

This section contains trouble shooting information that is specific to the these models of tractors. A good place to start for general trouble shooting is the Chinese Tractor Maintenance/Trouble Shooting page.

Hydraulics edit

Cooling System edit

Owner Modifications/Enhancements edit

There are many modifications described in Chinese Tractor Maintenance#General Modifications that apply to these Jinma 304 and 354 models.