Chinese Tractor Maintenance/Trouble Shooting

This page contains trouble shooting information that is applicable to most tractors.

Engine Start


This section describes some trouble shooting procedures for an engine that will not start.

Poor Electrical connection

  • Is there a good connection between the earth lead and the tractor frame?
    • Remove the earth lead,
    • Clean both earth lead and contact point with wire brush or sandpaper.
    • Replace.

Fuel Problem

  • Is there fuel in the fuel tank?
    • Put fuel in the tank.
  • Is there water in the bowl?
    • Drain the water.
  • Is the fuel stale?
    • Drain fuel tank and bowl (and lines?).
    • Replace stale fuel.
  • Is the air temperature too cold for the fuel?
    • If the air temperature is below 45F and the fuel has not been winterized then the fuel may have frozen.
    • Remove all fuel from tank, fuel line, bowl and injectors.
  • Is the fuel valve turned on?
    • Turn on the fuel valve.

Cold Engine

  • Were the glow plugs used during the start procedure?
    • See the staring procedure
  • Was the compression release used during the start procedure?
    • See the starting procedure
  • Does then engine turn over too slow?
    • See the "Slow Turn Over" section.

Slow Turn Over

  • Is the battery charge low?
    • Charge the battery.
  • Is the engine oil too heavy for the air temperature?
    • Replace the engine oil with a lighter weight oil

Low/No Oil Pressure

  • Is the oil level below the full level on the dip stick?
    • Add oil to the engine to full level on dip stick.
  • (more stuff here)

Hydraulics/Power Steering


Replacing/Flushing Hydraulic Fluid Caused 3 Point Hitch/FEL/Power Steering To Quit Working

  • Recheck the fluid level too ensure that you have enough.
  • The pump may have lost its prime.
    • Letting it set for a while (couple of hours) may allow it to reprime.
    • Loosening the fitting at the output of the pump may allow any air pressure to escape. Once oil starts to come out you've gotten all of the air at that point in the line that you are going to get.
    • As a last resort you can apply some pressure (2-4 psi) to the fluid resevore. Do not apply significant pressure or you can blow the seals in the pump.

Hydraulics Stopped Working

  • Check that your fluid level is sufficient. You may have lost too much fluid due to leaks.
  • The pump may have lost its prime from sucking air.
    • Check that all fittings are tight (you did this when the tractor was delivered right?). See above for how to reprime the pump if you still have problems after tightening fittings if any where loose.

Power Steering Sluggish


3 Point Hitch Stopped Working


Front End Loader Stopped Working


Cooling System


Operating Temperature Too High


First check the water level - release pressure and open cap very carefully when hot, or wait for engine to cool first.

The airflow through the radiator can become blocked from mud and grass straw. Some (most) Chinese tractors do not have a guard in front of the radiator. Use compressed air to blow out the derbies from between the fins. This usually works best blowing from the back, or fan side of the radiator. Be careful not to damage the very thin metal fins which zig zag between the water passages.

Other causes of overheating include, radiator blocked by rust, etc. Water pump failed.