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Sites in English (beginners)Edit

Dictionaries / Translators
  • CC-CEDICT - CC-BY-SA dictionary. Extensive, compiled by volunteers. Available under GNU licence.
  • Chinese Tutor Dictionary - A Chinese dictionary searchable by Pinyin, Hanzi, or English. It is fast and easy to use.
  • Google Translate - Surprise, surprise! Has dictionary, pinyin, and example sentences.May not work well when translating long sentences to Chinese.
  • Multilingual Chinese Dictionary - A no-frills Chinese dictionary with 9 languages
  • nciku - Chinese-English dictionary with handwriting recognition, lots of examples, a text-to-speech system, and other learning materials.
  • - A web-mediator that adds mouseover pinyin readings and English meanings to Chinese webpages.
  • WrittenChinese.Com Free Chinese-English dictionary. Search results are ranked by frequency of occurrence in everyday Chinese text.
  • - A Chinese character dictionary and cultural reference. Characters are represented by images, meaning they are still viewable without Chinese fonts. Detailed character trees.
  • Mandarin Play - Learn Mandarin Chinese with simple and fun mini-games. The games combine English, Pinyin, Hanzi and audio to help you learn beginner and intermediate Mandarin Chinese in an interactive way.
  • ChinesePod - Free Chinese podcasts for beginners on various topics.
  • Learn chinese online - 40 lessons courses for beginners.
  • Learn to Speak Chinese Online - Learn Mandarin Chinese online for free.
  • Mandarin 123 - Site focused on Chinese Mandarin vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing.
  • - Free grammar, vocabulary and conversation lessons for beginners.
  • Melnyks Chinese - Theme-based Chinese Podcasts.
  • ZapChinese - Mandarin Chinese audio vocabulary. A large list of useful words in Chinese and an audio file showing how to pronounce them.
Pinyin reading matters

Sites in Chinese (advanced)Edit

Search engines
Other major websites

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