Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...b6/2. d4

Owen's Defence
a b c d e f g h
8 a8 b8 c8 d8 e8 f8 g8 h8 8
7 a7 b7 c7 d7 e7 f7 g7 h7 7
6 a6 b6 c6 d6 e6 f6 g6 h6 6
5 a5 b5 c5 d5 e5 f5 g5 h5 5
4 a4 b4 c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 h4 4
3 a3 b3 c3 d3 e3 f3 g3 h3 3
2 a2 b2 c2 d2 e2 f2 g2 h2 2
1 a1 b1 c1 d1 e1 f1 g1 h1 1
a b c d e f g h
Position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN)
Moves: 1.e4 b6 2. d4
ECO code: B00
Parent: King's Pawn Opening

Owen's Defence


2. d4


A logical developing move. Black almost always responds with 2...Bb7, completing the fianchetto and putting pressure on e4. The alternative 2...Ba6, known as the Guatemala defence, is considered weak as white emerges with an advantage after 3.Bxa6 Nxa6.

Theory table


For explanation of theory tables, see theory table and for notation, see algebraic notation.

1.e4 b6 2. d4

2 3 4

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