Celestia has gone through quite a few versions since it was first made available in the late 1990s. Some of the older versions are still available from SourceForge .

  • The next major release of Celestia, v1.7.0, is currently under development.
    • If the user interface changes to QT, which will be common to all operating systems, it may be called v2.0.
    • See the Development instructions if you'd like to try compiling the "pre-alpha" version yourself. It's very easy to do under Windows, at least.
  • Celestia v1.6.1 will be only a bug-fix release.
    • V1.6.1 has been delayed due to an intractable problem in the MacOS version.
  • The previous stable version of Celestia, v1.4.1, was released in February, 2006.