Celestia/Snapshots and Movies


Under some operating systems, Celestia can create a snapshot, recording its current on-screen display to a file. It also may be able to create a video recording of a sequence of frames while it is running. Other operating systems may require an external screengrab or video recording program.


Currently video recording from within celestia does not work. A file is created, however it is empty.

Image screenshots work as expected.

MacOS XEdit

Screenshots and movie recording have not yet been implemented in the osX version of Celestia. For the moment you can use system commands to take some screenshots.

Some people have reported that CaptureMe does a reasonable job of recording movies.


When running the Windows version of Celestia, both snapshots and movies can be created:

  • Select the menu option "File/Capture Image..." or type the <F10> key to record a snapshot of the current view.
  • Select the menu option "File/Capture Movie..." or type <Shift-F10> to start recording a movie of what Celestia is showing.
  • Type <F11> to actually start (or pause) the recording.
  • Type <F12> to finish recording.