Lesson 1: D'on ets? - Where are you from? (Next)
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Hola! D'on ets?1

ɔlə! don ets?

Hello! Where are you from? (from-where you-are?)
Sóc2 de Barcelona. I tu?

sok də bərsəlonə. i tu?

I'm from Barcelona. And you?
Jo sóc de Londres. Sóc anglès.3

ʒɔ sok də londrəs. sok ənglɛs

I'm from London. I'm English.

1: ets means you are when speaking informally to peers, family, and children. It is from the verb ser or ésser, to be.
2: sóc means I am and is also from ser or ésser. The word jo, I is usually omitted except for contrast or emphasis.
3: anglès, English (nationality) is the masculine form. Notice stress falls on the last syllable anglès. When the speaker is female, she will say sóc anglesa. Be sure to pronounce è as the sound in the English word pet, the so-called "open e".

Translation Exercise

  1. Hola! Ets anglès?
  2. Ets de Barcelona?
  3. Jo sóc anglesa, i tu?
  4. D'on sóc? Sóc de Londres.
  5. D'on ets tu?

Exercise Answers
  1. Hi! Are you English?
  2. Are you from Barcelona?
  3. I am English, and you?
  4. Where am I from? I'm from London.
  5. Where are you from?