Card Games/Snap

Snap is a very easy game to play. Two people can play snap. It can be played with a pack of 52 or 54 cards, or with several packs of cards, if you want the game to last longer.

Set upEdit

[face down] [face up] [face up] [face down]

  • Shuffle the pack to mix the cards up
  • Give each player half of the pack
  • Do not look at your cards
  • Put your cards in a pile in front of you, face down.

How to playEdit

  • Players take it in turn to turn over the top card of their pile.
  • This card is put face up onto another pile next to the first pile.
  • If the cards both have the same value, one of the players may shout "snap".
  • The first player to shout "snap" when two cards of the same value are showing wins the round.
  • The loser has to put all of the cards that are face up onto the bottom of his face-down pile.
  • If a player shouts "snap" when the cards do not have the same value, they have to take all of the cards that are face up.
  • The winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards.

These cards do not have the same value, so you should not shout "snap".

[face down] 5♠ 7♦ [face down]

Two aces are showing, so you should shout "snap".

[face down] A♥ A♣ [face down]

Other versionsEdit

You can also play snap where the cards have to be the same color as well as number in order to match. This is much harder. In this version of the game if the red seven of hearts, and the black seven of clubs come up, you cannot call "snap". They have to be the same color, like the sevens of hearts and diamonds.