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Patience is normally a card game for just one person. However, it can be adapted to a multi-player version.

The RulesEdit

The point of the game is to get rid of all your cards, following specific guidelines. If you don't play correctly, other players are allowed to give you penalty card(s). The following rules are suggested, but they can be altered.

The BeginningEdit

Players are dealt all of cards in equal amount. The cards may not be turned over and held in a stack faced down. The first player puts the first card in the center face up. If the next card opened from the stack is the next number with same suit the card goes on top of the center card. The first card open is the guiding number. If it was a 7 of hearts all the 7's opened will go to the center, the idea is to create 4 stacks of each suit. The cards that don't go anywhere go in a stack form in front of the player. If a player has a 9 of hearts open in front of him and another player opens a 10 of any suit he has to place it above the 9 of the opponent. After opening all the cards the stack in front of the player may not be shuffled it has to be picked up and turned over to start all over again.

Allowed CardsEdit

You are allowed to play cards that are the next number as the card below.Your turn ends when you put a card on the stack in front of you.

No TalkingEdit

Except to give penalties, if guidance is given.

Penalties CardsEdit

The Penalty usually is 2 cards from each player.

  • failing to keep the next numbered card on opponents stack.
  • failing to keep the next numbered card with same suit in the center.

Winning the GameEdit

When you finish all the cards from your hand and the stack in front of you.

Adding RulesEdit

The cards on the center have to go in order they were placed e.g. if 7 of heart was placed first and then the 7 of spades then you can only place 8 of spades on top of the 7 spades when the 7 of hearts has a 8 of hearts on top of it.

The Next GameEdit

The winner becomes the dealer for the next game, and gets to make a new rule. After playing for a while with the same people there may be 10 or more new rules to remember!

Have fun! Be creative! And don't be too mean to the newbies!