Card Games/Four Corners Solitaire

Four Corners has the same basic concept as any solitaire game. It is a single-player game with a modification from the original table solitaire game. The game includes four corners along with two sides, just like a normal four-sided table. This game consists of a standard 52 card deck and does not include any additional suites or cards of any type, including the traditional trademark joker cards.

How to play:Edit

To play you must have the following:

  • 52 card standard deck
  • Some form of understanding of the traditional solitaire
  • Patience

To play you use the sides of the table cards where it is portrayed like this:


The “S” represents the side in which you play the cards. The “d” represents where the deck is placed. The “-Hand-” represents the hand of cards that you hold while the game is in progress. Just like in the traditional solitaire you must add the opposite suite of the suite type of the card on any of the eight “S”; there is one addition and some may consider this an advantage of this game. Whereas in the traditional solitaire you can only place cards in descending numerical value, in this version you can place cards in either descending or ascending value. Also, you can draw as often as you want from the deck but be careful, for the more cards you hold in your hand the harder it will be to place cards on the board. In some versions of the game online, holding more cards will decrease your score.

To win:Edit

To win in this version of solitaire you must deplete all cards from the deck and your hand.