Card Games/Agram

Agram, also known as Sink-Sink or FapFap is a trick taking game common in parts of Africa.

It's closely related to Spar. This game is played with a stripped deck containing 35 cards. All face cards and the ace of spades are removed.

2-7 Players

How to PlayEdit

Chose a dealer.

The player to the right of the dealer cuts the deck, the cut half is placed at the bottom. The dealer than deals 6 cards to each player in sets of 3.

The next player leads with a card of their choosing.

The following player must then follow suit if possible, and so forth til everyone has played.

Once all players have played the winner is the person who played the highest card of the original suit.

The winner then leads with a card of their choosing. This continues til all hands are empty.

The winner is the person who wins the last trick, they deal next.


Some variants deal only five cards to each player (2, then 3)

One variant uses a point system.

Four points for winning the last two tricks with threes, two points for winning the last trick with a three and one point for winning with my card higher than a three.

A different variant uses 31 cards instead of 35, stripping 2-6 and the ace of spades. Aces are high cards in this variant.