California Environmental Quality Act/Statutes/Policy

SS 21000-210006: Policy

Summary: It is the role of the government and its citizens to prevent environmental devastation caused by human interactions.

21000: legislative intent edit

  • Summary: The environment must be maintained relevant to our socioeconomic condition.
  • A.The environmental matters all the time
  • B.A healthy environment for man
  • C.To study the relationship of a good environment
  • D.Resources are limited. The legislature must do something
  • E. Citizens must help the environment
  • F. Cooperation is needed in society to enhance the environment
  • G. The legislature will regulate it entities to prevent environmental damage.

21001: Additional legislative intent edit

Summary: To develop standards which ensure health of the people

  • A. maintain environmental quality
  • B. Provide a healthy environment to the people
  • C. ensure marine biodiversity
  • D. The environment shall be hospitable.
  • E. Nature and man will exist in harmony to fulfill social and economic requirements.
  • F. Develop standards
  • G. Consider many factors which affect the environment in our society

21001.1: Review of Public Agency projects edit

  • Summary: private and public agencies will have the same standards of review

21002: Approval of Projects; Feasible Alternative or Mitigation Measure edit

  • Summary: if alternatives are found which impact the environment less, than proposed projects may not be simply approved. Depending on the situation, approval may vary

21002.1: Use of Environmental Impact Reports; Policy edit

  • A. The purpose of Environmental Impact Reports are to show that if alternatives can be made to reduce project pollution and its affects.
  • B. Projects which show significant affects on the environmental will not be approved.
  • C. If socioeconomic factors favor high polluting projects, it may be approved by a public agency under certain laws.

21003 edit

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