Cabinet Vision: The Last Mile/General Strategy and Best Practices

There is an order of precedence you should consider when you want a feature in your CV install.  Each option in this order of precedence is not exclusive to the next one, and it adds its power to the next one.  It is as follows: First, try the Assembly Method Wizard.  Next, try Object Intelligence;  Next, look at adding your own Part definitions and assigning them to your own Materials in the Material Schedules.  If you're still not there, expand your catalog with custom configured cabinets that are made smarter with Object Intelligence, maybe also with custom Parts and Materials;  If you need even more power, doctor up some Library Parts with parameterized Operations, and use UCSs only to bring them in with the LibPart function. Then, as an absolute last resort, use UCSs to implement things from whole cloth.

You might be very surprised at what you can accomplish with a combination of Object Intelligence and Library Parts.  For example, let's say you want a particular part or machining to exist under certain conditions.  Before you immediately run off to the UCSs, consider that you can manually add the part or operation, then go into the Object Tree and set its Qty parameter to an Object Intelligence formula that evaluates to 1 when you want the part or operation, and 0 when you don't want it (which might be 99 percent of the time).  When you attempt to create things (especially Operations) in UCSs, you enter an entire nightmare world of things that can and do go wrong, and sometimes even cause your system to become unstable and crash.