Cabinet Vision: The Last Mile

Purpose of this Wikibook edit

Cabinet Vision is an industry-leading CAD/CAM system in support of the cabinet manufacturing industry. The supplied documentation and videos available from the official Cabinet Vision E-Support web site provide an introduction to the system, along with plenty of useful information on what feature of the application performs what action. However, these materials have relatively little to say about strategies, tactics, and best practices for building out a flexible and full-featured CV installation for a manufacturer of highly-customized cabinetry. The Forums on the E-Support site are presently the main (albeit informal) source of advanced knowledge, presented in a conversational format. Although these resources are indispensable, they don't constitute a complete User's Guide. The result is that many CV technicians struggle to achieve more than beginner-level proficiency with Cabinet Vision, and can't decide which one of the many possible approaches to solving some problem will serve them best in the long run. This guide is intended to remedy that. It is intended as a supplement to these other sources of information, but it is not—nor can it be—a replacement for them.

Intended Audience edit

Before turning to this guide, you should have watched all or most of the introductory videos on Cabinet Vision and have a good understanding of the various components of the Cabinet Vision user interface. For example, you should know how to use the Assembly Method Wizard and create at least a rudimentary User Created Standard. Perhaps you have your installation of Cabinet Vision set up to generate some rough approximation of your intended build standards, but at this point you don't know the next steps to get it running the way you really want it.

There will also be chapters of this Wikibook intended for advanced users who are pushing the limits of what Cabinet Vision can do.

Contributions edit

Nobody owns this Wikibook. It is everyone's to read and edit. There are many Cabinet Vision techs whose expertise has the potential to save days or weeks of frustration for a new (or not-so-new) CV tech. All who have expertise that they would like to share are invited to contribute to this Wikibook. Do it not just for the benefit of others, but also to document useful discoveries for your own future reference. Likewise, there are many "classic" posts people have made on the forums that some of us keep bookmarked because they are so useful. But not everyone has your bookmark collection, so feel free to copy the content of those posts into this Wikibook.

Table of Contents edit

  1. General Strategy and Best Practices
  2. Catalog Techniques
  3. Assembly Method Techniques
  4. Object Intelligence Techniques
  5. User Created Standards Techniques
  6. Shaped Cabinets and Parts in Detail
  7. Machining Operations in Detail
  8. Report Center in Detail
  9. Undocumented System Parameters

1. High-Level Strategy

2. Catalogs

3. Assembly Methods

4. Object Intelligence

5. User Created Standards

6. The Details of Machining Operations

7. The Report Center

8. Shaped Cabinets and Parts