Brazilian Portuguese/Chapter 22

Hello, this lesson is related to weather specifically about the verbs related and subjunctive present form of the verb.

To glow/shine - Brilhar

Que eu brilhe - That I glow

Que tu brilhes - That you glow

Que ele/ela brilhe - That he/she glows

Que nós brilhemos - That we glow

Que vós brilhais - That you/thy glow

Que eles/elas brilhem - That they glow

To freeze - Congelar

Que eu congele - That I freeze

Que tu congeles - That you freeze

Que ele/ela congele - That he/she freezes

Que nós congelemos - That we freeze

Que vós congeleis - That you/thy freeze

Que eles/elas congelem - That they freeze

To Pour - Derramar

Que eu derrame - That I pour

Que tu derrames - That you pour

Que ele/ela derrame - That he/she pours

Que nós derramemos - That we pour

Que vós derrameis - That you/thy pour

Que eles/elas derramem - That they pour

To Rain - Chuva -


Que chova - That it rains



Que chovam - That it rains