Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese

I This is a Category I Language.

See the Getting Started notes before you begin the course; it will give you an overview of how you'll be learning Brazilian Portuguese.

An aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, "a Cidade Maravilhosa"

Don't forget to review the Pronunciation section so you can attempt to pronounce new words without audio.

Basic Course edit

  Chapter 1 - Greetings and Introductions, Gender, Articles Estar

  Chapter 2 - Professions, Gender Variants, Adjectives, Ser, Fazer

  Chapter 3 - Common Objects, Plurals of Nouns, Numbers, Ter

  Chapter 4 - Classroom Objects, Plurals of Adjectives, Ir, Locational Contractions

Chapter 5 - Places, Application of All Previous Topics

Chapter 6 - Shopping, -er verbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, Direct Object Pronouns

Chapter 7 - Sports, -ar verbs, Adverbs, Indefinite Pronouns (todos, cada, alguns), Comparing Verbs

A view of the East Zone of São Paulo

Chapter 8 - Schedules -ir verbs, Using the Present to Express the Future, Comparing Nouns

Complementary Chapter - Animals

Chapter 9 - Giving and Asking for Directions, Personal Imperative, Locational Adverbs

Chapter 10 - Fruits and Vegetables, Colors, Indirect Object Pronouns, Irregular Imperatives

Chapter 11 - Churrascos, Asking Questions (Who, What, When...)

Chapter 12 - At Home, Possessives, Possessive Contractions, Prepositions

Complementary Chapter - Means of Transportation

Intermediate Course edit

The Intermediate Course focuses only a few grammatical topics per chapter, being that the topics may be harder to learn than those presented in the basic course.

Chapter 13 - Phone Conversations, The Perfect Past, Subordinate Clauses

Chapter 14 - Visiting Friends, The Continuous Present, Explaining Things

Statue at the Praça dos Três Poderes in capital of Brazil,Brasília

Chapter 15 - At the Theater, The Crase - à, Diminutive and Augmentative

Chapter 16 - Traveling, The Pluperfect Past, Nationalities, Countries

Complementary Chapter - Astronomy

Chapter 17 - Cooking, The Impersonal Imperative

Chapter 18 - At the Doctor's; Body Parts. Reflexive Verbs; Pôr, Botar, Colocar; Tomar

Chapter 19 - Talking About the Past, The Imperfect (Narrative) Past

Chapter 20 - The Passive Voice

Chapter 21 - The Weather - The Present Subjunctive

Chapter 22 - Invitations - The Future Subjunctive

Chapter 23 - The Past Subjunctive

Chapter 24 - A More Advanced Text

Appendices edit

Contributors - Contribuidores

Grammatical Index - Índice Grammatical  

Picture Dictionary - Dicionário Gráfico