Bodybuilding and Weight Training/Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls are predominately used to gain bicep muscle size. The suggested method is 3 sets with 12, 10 & 8 reps respectively. Start with 70% of the maximum you can lift & increase the amount by 5% with each new set (to a maximum of 80%) It is a good idea to consult a personal trainer or someone with a good knowledge of the gym prior to beginning any weight training program.


While doing Dumbbell Curls, the legs and torso should be kept as still as possible (do not lock knees) and elbows should not move around while lifting the weight.

A suggested method for keeping near-perfect form while performing Dumbbell Curls is to stand against a wall and keep your feet, buttocks, and head touching the wall while lifting (the upper back may also touch the wall). At the same time, elbows should be kept at your sides and should not move around. One way to ensure that the elbows do not move is to keep the upper arm stationary. The only part of the body that moves during this exercise is the forearm.