Bodybuilding and Weight Training

The purpose of this book is to help you safely engage in bodybuilding (sometimes referred to as "weight lifting," or simply "lifting").

Bodybuilding pictogram
Bodybuilding pictogram
Bodybuilding and Weight Training

The first part of the book will focus primarily on the basics: creating a weight lifting schedule, designing your diet (which professionals describe as one of the most important parts of bodybuilding), and finding a gym.

Later in the book, you will be instructed in the techniques of the most common bodybuilding exercises, including bench-presses, squats, and dumbbell curls. This section can be considered a reference section, but it is important to thoroughly read through each exercise's guide before attempting the exercise.

Finally, the third section is a reference section which you will find important when constructing your diet.

Contents edit

  1. Getting Started
    1. Introduction  
    2. Finding a Gym  
    3. Creating a Schedule  
  2. Foundations  
    1. The Muscular System  
    2. The Skeletal System  
    3. The Nervous System  
    4. Nutrition  
    5. Constructing a Diet  
      1. Sample Diets  
      2. Recipes  
  3. Exercise Guides
    1. Overview  
    2. Upper Body
      1. Pectorals/Chest
        1. Bench Presses  
        2. Dumbbell Flys  
        3. parallel bar dips
      2. Arms
        1. Dumbbell Curls  
        2. Tricep Dips  
      3. Back
        1. Deadlift  
      4. Abdominals
    3. Lower Body
      1. Static Lunges  
      2. Squats  
    4. Other/Both Upper and Lower Body
      1. Clean and Jerk  
      2. Bodyweight Training
  4. Part Three: Diets and Nutrition
    1. Sample Diets  
    2. Recipes  

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