The BlitzMax StandardIO module contains commands for reading and writing text to the standard IO (Input/Output) stream.

The standard IO stream is generally connected to a 'console', allowing you to interact with an application in a very simple way.

Globals edit

StandardIOStream edit

Global StandardIOStream:TStream=TTextStream.Create( New TCStandardIO,TTextStream.UTF8 )

Description: BlitzMax Stream object used for Print and Input

Information: The Print and Input commands can be redirected by setting the StandardIOStream Global to an alternative Stream Object.

Functions edit

Print edit

Function Print( str$="" )

Description: Write a string to the standard IO stream

Information: A newline character is also written after str.


Use the Print command to output BlitzMax strings to the Console window.
End Rem

Print "Hello World"

Input edit

Function Input$( prompt$=">" )

Description: Receive a line of text from the standard IO stream

Information: The optional prompt is displayed before input is returned.


Use the Input command to read user input from the console to a BlitzMax String.
End Rem

name$=Input("What is your name")
print "Hello "+name