BlitzMax/Modules/MaxGUI Drivers/Win32MaxGUIEx

This is the new unicode Windows driver for MaxGUI that is designed to take advantage of some of the new GUI features available in Windows XP and Vista.

NOTE: If you would like to use this unicode driver on the older ANSI platforms (e.g. Windows 9X), then you must also import a unicode application layer. For example...

Import "-lunicows"
Import MaxGUI.Drivers

By doing this, your program will be linked with libunicows. Although Windows 2000/XP/Vista users should not notice anything different at run-time, Windows 9X users will require MSLU in order to run your program. This may be distributed with the EXE as a separate DLL or it can be installed as a system-wide package onto the end-user's computer.

See the following web-pages for more information:

MSLU Announcement

MSLU Software Development Kit Redistributable