BlitzMax/Modules/MaxGUI Drivers/FLTKMaxGUI

The official Linux MaxGUI module provides a FLTK (pronounced "Full-Tick") based driver for MaxGUI.

As of version 1.38, it is now possible to also compile your Windows MaxGUI applications with the MaxGUI.FLTKMaxGUI driver. This could be useful for getting an idea of how your applications will look when compiled on Linux. To do this, replace your MaxGUI.Drivers import statement with:

?Not Win32
Import MaxGUI.Drivers

Find out more about the FLTK 1.3 library here.

FLTKMaxGUI also uses the excellent FLU library (FLTK Utility Widgets) and Flmm_Tab.

Find out more about the FLU Library here.

More information about MatthiasM's Flmm_Tab drop-in replacement widget can be found here.