Functions edit

CreateTimer edit

Function CreateTimer:TTimer( hertz#,event:TEvent=Null )

Description: Create a timer

Returns: A new timer object

Information: CreateTimer creates a timer object that 'ticks' hertz times per second.

Each time the timer ticks, event will be emitted using EmitEvent.

If event is Null, an event with an id equal to EVENT_TIMERTICK and source equal to the timer object will be emitted instead.

TimerTicks edit

Function TimerTicks( timer:TTimer )

Description: Get timer tick counter

Returns: The number of times timer has ticked over

WaitTimer edit

Function WaitTimer( timer:TTimer )

Description: Wait until a timer ticks

Returns: The number of ticks since the last call to WaitTimer


timer=CreateTimer( 10 )

	Print "Ticks="+WaitTimer( timer )

StopTimer edit

Function StopTimer( timer:TTimer )

Description: Stop a timer

Information: Once stopped, a timer can no longer be used.