Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Match Moving

Match moving is the technique of recreating the position of the camera used in recording live action footage. This information can then be used within Blender to merge 3D objects with live action film. For a more detailed discussion of the concept, take a look at the Wikipedia article on Match Moving.

Blender cannot perform match moving itself, you must use a 3rd party tool to determine the camera position and the way it moves, then import this data into Blender. While there are many software tools to do this, this page references two free options: Voodoo and Icarus.

Icarus edit

Icarus is a discontinued University of Manchester project which can be used for non-commercial work. The download links from the official page no longer function, but Windows and MacOS X versions are available from this Icarus video tutorial by Colin Levy.

Voodoo edit

Voodoo is an actively developed free match mover available for Windows and Linux. Here is a tutorial on using Voodoo and Blender