Style Guide edit

  • In an attempt to standardize the content in the Bicycles wikibook, please use American English. For example, please use the spelling "tires" instead of "tyres" and "standardize" instead of "standardise."
  • Please place the {{bicycles}} tag at the top of each new page.

To Do List edit

  • Bicycles/Trail Safety (for off-road bicycles)
  • A learning-to-ride section (what's the best way to integrate it into the current book?)
  • Use {{stage short}} indications to give other contributors a better idea what parts need to be expanded.
  • Update {{bicycles}} template.
  • Rewrite Bicycles/Introduction to include information on the wikibook, reasons to ride bicycles (if you need convincing), expand note on bike shops to be non-bias.
  • Untangle Bicycles/Riding Tips and Safety and Bicycles/Safety.
  • Start stubs for Beginner chapters.

List of Contributors edit

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