Bartending/Work/Servicing patrons/Tips for providing good service

Did you enjoy your service today?

Good afternoon, how are you doing today? My name is John Q Waiter I will be the narrator for your journey today. May I start you out with something to jog your brain? edit

What does it take to be a competent server? What do we need to feel fulfilled when being served? In the service world there is a guarantee you do your job and well or you make no money. As a customer we need to feel taken care of, we are paying to be pampered of course depending on the type of restaurant, as in McDonalds may not bring you a refill on a water it is not expected. Customers are demanding they are paying to be that way. The server needs to be able to adjust to all situations here are five must rules for servers.

First rule; Always have a smile, a genuine happy outlook shows through. What you do is your lively hood how you conduct yourself and convey it to others pays your bills and keeps food on your table.

Second rule; Know what people need before they have to think about it, this may seem difficult but it is really common sense, If the glass is half full fill it, if the plate is empty take it away and ask what else they need even if you know the answer this makes the customer feel relaxed.

Third rule; be knowledgeable understand the menu and be able to show the customer your expertise in your line of work. The service industry is much underrated but not everyone can do it.

Fourth rule; Know your customers and let situations dictate the kind of service that is needed business professionals on lunch want to be left alone to conduct business they may not want to sit and chat, a birthday party may require a lot of attentiveness you could make a great or bad memory for the customer’s special day.

Fifth rule; do not act eager show the customer that they matter if they feel that, they will reward you. When they think you are just there to see what is left on the table, you may not see much there. Always remember it is gratuity the customers have already paid for the food.

The service industry is age old, in one capacity or another. We all have times when we need taken care of small vacations of convenience; the server can make or break a customer’s experience. Not only can it make or break it for the customer, also it can make or break the restaurant as well. Word of mouth about a bad dining experience can go a long way towards a restaurant’s longevity. The server has a critical role in this aspect of the restaurants ability to maintain and grow its customer base. As you are expanding the dining experience for the consumer, one has to keep in mind that we live in a digital world. Anything and everything can be posted online in numerous sites on the World Wide Web. One would hate to have their name or where they work listed on one of these sites. So, don’t let it happen to you.

I will not drag this out much farther, but dwell on this for a moment. In general many people may not consider the service industry as a profession, yet think in your life day to day how often you are served, how often do you depend on that person behind the counter or at the side of your table to fulfill or add to your daily needs.

Have a wonderful day and visit again soon.